Welcome to the world of 'Bloemgroet'!

Bloemgroet is loosely translated into 'Floral greeting'. 


Unfortunately we do not have an English website yet, but we are happy that you have found this page.


The good news is: we do want to make the photos and especially the unique items offered in the webshop available for all you who are residing outside of the Netherlands.


Here you will find some tips of how to purchase Bloemgroet-items or how to get in touch with us for more information.

Contact us via Whatsapp!


Of course you can order through the webshop, but you can also order by sending an email to: info@bloemgroet.nl.


Please specify the items you would like to purchase, the quantity and the address and country you would like to have it sent to.


We will then send you information on the 'delivery fee', and the expected delivery time.


After you have confirmed that you agree to this, and we've received your payment, we will send it to you. 

Costs and Payment

The basic costs for the items sold in the webshop will remain the same, however the taxes may be different, depending on where you are. 


Also the delivery costs will be calculated on the basis of the total weight of your order and whether you are in the EU or outside.


Payments are usually done through 'Ideal' in the Netherlands, but we have made payment through Paypal or bank transfer possible for you as well. 


After your order comes through, we will guide you through the payment options for your convenience.


Question / Suggestion

If you have questions about the company, products, or the ordering process, we are more then ready to answer them by email. Please contact us through info@bloemgroet.nl


We are also very happy with your suggestions, after all- there is always room for improvement and growth. Send your mail to info@bloemgroet.nl and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Klik hier voor contact via Whatsapp


Kloosterhof 29,

7721 XR Dalfsen, NL




 Bloemgroet is onderdeel van het bedrijf 'Handig',

KvK nr. 69296898